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Our Services

Our Services

The National Institute for Customizing Education is made up of a diverse team that believes in advancing scholarship so that educators have the tools to help students achieve their full academic potential. Recognizing that public schools look different across the United States, the institute prides itself on a diverse approach to this kind of work. To that end, we do not maintain standard methods to educational practices. We consider educational access and opportunity a multi-layered approach that must customize services to address the specific needs of individual school districts, schools, and classrooms (i.e. socio-economics, linguistics, religion, race/ethnicity, dis/ability, absenteeism, discipline, curriculum design, border realignment, workforce needs, hiring/retention, governance, family/community engagement, etc.). All of our work is based on gathering data so that desired outcomes can be matched with the targeted areas found within the demographic in those educational spaces. We carry a large team that engages in research, professional learning, institutional assessments or audits, equity certifications, and speech- and policy-writing. We take pride in engaging with all ideological voices.

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National Institute for Customizing Education

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Advancing Scholarship in the Field of Education to Improve Access and Opportunity For All


We help schools create institutional changes that address school-based needs by offering a customized service in curriculum-design and professional learning. The Institute engages in advanced research ahead of the work to identify what does and doesn't work in a school district/school building. We aim to provide educators with tailored services to improve instructional and organizational needs.


We provide several different auditing services for school districts, colleges/universities, and corporate organizations. Our audits can be designed to provide an independent review of culture, policy, programming, and governance. We also conduct curriculum assessments tailored to suit the curricular and pedagogical objectives of our partners.


We offer public and private K-12 schools a three-part educational equity certification program to provide a deep-dive learning experience for classroom instructors and teaching assistants, as well as administrators and other staffing personnel.




We offer a three-year college- and career-ready program for high school students and a one-year mentorship program for middle school students.


The institute is also proud of its research-based internship opportunities to high school and college students throughout the year. These opportunities occasionally result in a paid fellowship position.

 Additionally, the institute operates an intensive summer research internship that results in a professional publication for our interns. 


We help school district leaders respond to legislation and general issues that surface with community messaging, public statements, and speech writing. 


We also conduct quantitative and qualitative studies for and about our partners

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